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Doesn’t Take a Crystal Ball to See Where Denver Real Estate is Headed

Denver real estate market is strong and hot like a cup of coffee. After years of waiting for home prices to rise, the Denver real estate market is elevated. So why are buyers and sellers so hesitant to make their move? Let’s blame it on the media. Screaming headlines make money when the sky is […]

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A Moving Tale

How do you do it, oh friends of mine? Vacate your premises in a timely fashion while living your lives, raising your kids, working your jobs and closing your loans. I’ll bet your boxes are properly labeled, too. I just moved. Or more specifically, some very strong men came to my house, loaded a truck […]

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Winter Home Buying? You bet your ice skates!

After you’ve finished your holiday shopping, why don’t we go look for a house? Winter home buying has its challenges, but winter can be the perfect time to buy a home. As we head toward the snowy months, serious shoppers know their winter home buying power is increased by determination and AWD. Housing market prediction […]

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