REALTOR | WRITER   I am a lightning rod, I am a grounding cord.

I’m a connector.  As a Realtor® I love connecting people with living spaces that will provide serenity and them grow in wealth and spirit.  As a writer, I tell stories that connect us to the unique experience of being human. I have three great gifts; meeting extraordinary people, articulating new perspectives, and negotiating change.

I could write this bio in the third-person, extolling my expertise in the world of real estate, but I’d rather share a bit of who I am, to plant the seeds of relationship. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I moved to New York City to study acting with the legendary Stella Adler followed by a decade working as a professional actress in film, television and theater. What an excellent training ground for life, and for real estate in particular. The arts brought out my strengths; communication, observation, perseverance and a depth of understanding what motivates us.  My salad days consisted of traveling the world, playing amazing characters and spending a year on the road in the National Tour of Steel Magnolias, with a stellar cast including Barbara Rush, Carole Cooke, Marion Ross, June Lockhart and the incomparable Margo Martindale.  When we were in D.C. playing the Kennedy Center, the cast was honored by an invitation to join President and Barbara Bush for a private luncheon at the White House.

I fell in love with a soap opera star, married, had our first son. We chose Denver as the perfect place for us and our growing family, moved to Congress Park, and never looked back. In the year 2000 I joined the Denver Center Theatre’s Acting Company and in 2001 was a member of their Playwright’s Unit. When the boys were both in school full time I began looking for something I could do that I’d be good at, be interested in, and would be able to create a schedule flexible enough to be a soccer mom. Loving people, shopping and all things home & garden, I found real estate. My first full year was 2006 and it was good. The following year the housing market took an historical nose dive, I became a single-mother of two young sons, and decided (out of stubbornness, sheer will, abject terror)  that I could make a success of this. I understood change, had something to offer others, some of whom were on the verge of losing their homes, and knew that with a solid work ethic and sense of compassion, I would come out the other side, if not unscathed, than at least better. And I did.

Sound bites and “elevator pitches” may be convenient in our over-stimulated, 140 character social landscape, but they are not well-suited to describe a human life. Today I braid my passions; writing, real estate, travel and precious time with friends & family.  If you’d like to know why my clients choose me as their Realtor Click here  and see what they have to say.

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