By every measure, Tracy Shaffer is the dream broker, the best of the best. As it happened, at the time we were selling our town home, Tracy was going through a very difficult period in her personal life, but was able to put her needs aside to support ours and those of the buyer, representing both both sides of the table with intelligence and grace. Who could ask for anything (or anyone) more?”

I honestly believe that without Tracy, we would not be living in our dream house today. Tracy’s knowledge, intuition, skill and personality put her at the top. She really cares about people and fairness to both sides. She negotiated a win-win situation where both parties came away happy.”

Join us on Wednesday at the Denver Fringe Remix! There'll be cool people, in a cool space, doing cool things, and cocktails. I'll be doing a bit of the show, talk a bit about its birth and life ahead, and a little Q&A. I really want to see you ❤️ ...

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Showing properties and discovered the convenient lazy susan. Head included for scale. Still scratching it. ...

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We're seeing the market pick up as interest rates fall. That means spring is going to come in like a lion! My favorite, Select Lending Services, is offering this TERRIFIC TRIPLE THREAT program that gives you the option of getting in before the lion does so you can build the equity as demand increases home values! If you're even THINKING about buying a home, we should definitely have coffee! Drop a comment, send me a DM and we'll put it on the books.
"A whim away" baby, the lion is waking up!
#imovepeople #denverrealestate

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As a matter of fact, I AM sitting in a French restaurant dressed like a mime. ...

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Guys are here replacing corroded duct work. No wonder the house wasn't holding heat! Takes a deep freeze to figure that out! LOL
Lucky 4 layers and the festival blanket/wrap le beret!
Stay warm, stay grateful 🙏

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