Circling the Square

My friend, Molly, makes the perfect pie crust. Like next level crust.

Growing up in Southern California with my mother’s fear of kitchens and my pie-baking granny far off in the redwoods, this life skill was lost on me. As the first snow fell, marking the start of pie season, I wondered if Molly would be willing to teach me this sacred art. I could Google it, watch a YouTube video, find a pastry cutter at the Goodwill, but all of this would defeat the purpose. Some things are better learned from friends; in their kitchen, on a Saturday morning, with a hot cup of tea. It is not just the flaky goodness I’m after, it’s the time spent together doing something simple.

For a year after my brother died, I made an apple pie each month and delivered them to unsuspecting friends. No one complained about the pre-made crust, and still, I texted Molly my request. She said yes.
I’ve learned so much from friends through the years; about love, and how to show up in the world. Our friends hold space for the good in us when we’ve forgotten. They catch us with kindness when we’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of self-doubt. They throw us a rope if we’ve reached bottom. They bring opportunities to be a better person, for the lessons of our humanity are learned in the hearts of others.
My personal town square is filled with intelligent, wildly creative, and generous humans. I have friends who share plants in the springtime, the bounty of fall, and seeds in the winter. They share their homes, their food, their laughter. What else can we share as an adventure in community? What can we learn from one another as we knit?
This week we toward gratitude and the gift of time together. Through the dark days ahead, I’d love to spend more time together, to “Pie Our Square”. You’ve been warned. Don’t be surprised if you get a text asking how to make that lovely scarf you posted, or your favorite chili recipe. I want to witness the daily talents, the family treasures, and to spend some time together.
And if I show up with a pie… all bets are off on the crust.
Happy Thanksgiving my friends.