Sometimes I Cheat

yellow door Blogging is serious business. It takes more than a good idea; it’s time, intention, research and if done well, stimulates a conversation. It also stimulates business, which leaves me with less time to blog. Sometimes I cheat.
Rather than make you anxiously await an opening in my schedule *inserts tongue into cheek*, I’ll share some recent articles from the experts at REColorado explaingin the current Denver housing market as well as (or better) than I.
In chronological order so you can see the trend:
March 2013- Homebuyers Challenged, Sellers Reap Benefits
April 2013- Sellers Seeing Unprecedented Number of Offers
June 2013- Surge in Available Homes Boost Denver Home Sales
July 2013- Increase in Available Homes Relieves Denver Market (no it’s not the same articls)

We’ve seen a beautiful upsurge in spring sales, followed by an increased summer inventory. Agents, looking to fill a hungry buyer’s need, have driven prices into a healthier range while the strong move-up wave opens up homes for sale for the first time home buyer. Interest rates have risen and dipped back again, giving us hope and a warning. More than a Realtor’s mantra, the time to buy is now. And if you’re looking to move, we’d love to have your listing. Not a lot of out there, and the good goes quickly! Take your time to look through the links and call with any questions. There will be a quiz.
[Thanks to Gary Bauer and our friends at Metrolist for doing the brainy stuff.]