Wondering what you can do to “be the change”? Here’s a video with an easy (and fun) way you can make your voice heard without camping out in the snow to the beating of drums. There are so many stories in America, each a unique experience within a collective experience. Whether you feel the Occupy Wall Street movement is an important expression of our frustration or a bunch of dirty-little-trust-fund-hippies, it has opened up a conversation about how we’d like to craft our future and that of our children. We’re in a moment of major change and there are many, many changes that need to happen; left, right and center. The first step is to create a dialogue, in this case with the banks who control our economy, our politics, and our destinies.
Let’s face it, we do want our lifestyle: we want our Starbucks and our comforts, and me, I like to see the ocean on occasion. We also want to stay in our homes and pay our mortgages, we want to feel our jobs are not going to be outsourced, we want our neighbors to have their jobs and their homes and we all want our freedoms. Here is a brilliant way to ensure those freedoms, including our First Amendment right to speak.
So we take responsibility. For our credit card debt, for our ability to create, and for being the change. Click here to see what you can do. Keep Wall Street Occupied. Oh… and there is sweet revenge for all that junk mail ; )