Dorothy Parker had her Round Table…

We have The Card Table.

The Card Table is a gathering of the electric, eclectic & eccentric people who populate my life. The intent is to meet one another in a context outside our norm, to create a space where we can bring more joy and laughter into our lives, the lives of others, and to lay our cards on the table.  This “Pop-up Salon” is held  throughout the year in various places around the city, but mostly at my house. Each event has a focus or a do-good purpose, and we don’t play cards. You’ll see people you know and meet those you don’t as we mix, mingle, ponder, and build community. Bring a friend or two, a little something to eat or drink if you like– or come alone and empty-handed, we don’t judge.

If you’d like to be included in this glittering group, Like us on Facebook or sign up here. We’ll send you the whens and wheres and save you a seat.

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