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Let’s see what The Fans have to say!

Tracy was such a pleasure to work with. She not only helped us sell our home, but she also helped us find our dream house in the perfect neighborhood! When we first met with Tracy, we were trying to sell our house in Aurora. We weren’t sure what to expect, and we were pleasantly surprised with Tracy’s insights and expertise. The house sold in a week!! Tracy made the logistics of the closing process very smooth, and each party came out satisfied. We had to put the next house purchase on hold for 6 months since our house sold so quickly! We met up with Tracy again at the beginning of this year and we looked at house after house after house… It seems most buyers were running into the same problem – it was definitely a seller’s market, and our dream house just wasn’t presenting itself. But Tracy was patient with us and showed us over 30 homes! She didn’t try to push us in any particular direction, but provided honest opinions and helpful thoughts that eventually brought us to our dream neighborhood and dream house! We bought it as a fixer upper and have spent the past 8 months working on it. It is now exactly the house we always wanted, and we are very thankful to Tracy for helping us in the process. Even after the closing was concluded, Tracy was still in close contact with us to make sure logistical issues were worked out. Tracy truly cares for her clients and their happiness. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home!

-Shanna & Andy Batten

We can’t even begin to tell you how much we appreciate all your help; you are the most patient woman! You found us the most wonderful house, I can’t wait to make it a home

Jenni Summerhill & Chris Greenwood

Tracy Shaffer was such a pleasure to work with. I am a young, single professional, so wading into these rough real estate waters by myself was ulcer inducing. Tracy told me that she was here to balance me out. A real estate decision is both a strongly personal and a strongly financial decision, and that if I tip one way too much, she would make sure I was also incorporating the other side. She didn’t want me to fall in love with a home I couldn’t afford or buy a home that I didn’t love simply because it was affordable. Tracy helped me find a property that got me both, a beautiful duplex in Whittier that fits me to a T and will be a great investment. She was not afraid to give me hard truths, but was also supportive and informative through all of my first-time home buyer questions. We closed on the house on a relatively quick timeline, and Tracy was able to keep the myriad of pieces on track to hit our closing day with only smiles and handshakes all around. I highly recommend working with Tracy.

M.E. Smith

“During the difficult process of finding a home that fits not only my needs, but the needs of my children, the quality in Tracy that always impressed me most was her ability to look at the property and evaluate whether the floor plan and space would work for our family dynamics. She was committed to finding a home for my family that worked for us, and she never attempted to simply sell us a house to close a deal. Tracy is professional and fair during the negotiations of a contract. I was comfortable and relaxed knowing I had Tracy to represent me and my interest.”

Susan M.

We got the house! Tracy Shaffer is the best! If you have a property to sell or are looking for one to buy, call her. She is an unbelievable hard worker and absolutely professional, ethical, and fun to boot. We love her!

Kelly Perez

Tracy was everything you would want in an agent. She takes an active role in trying to sell your property, from identifying the correct target market, monitoring what activity it receives on the web, soliciting other agents feedback, and revisits with the sellers their goals in terms of price, length of time on the market. She is honest and realistic with feedback. She is diligent in follow through on contract dates and progression of closing. Also quite personally charming.

Shelley Smith

Tracy worked with me to sell my condo during in a tough market and very challenging circumstances. Tracy’s creative approach (no doubt from her writing and acting background) helped negotiate through the transition with my buyer, overcoming all the buyers concerns and all the HOA hurdles like a track star! It was Tracy’s due diligence to get through this process with ease and grace. I highly recommend Tracy – whatever she attempts is sure to be a success!

Kathleen M. Rowland

Conventional wisdom: ‘You’ll never sell your condo in this market.’ Reality: Tracy sold our condo in less than 30 days. Conventional wisdom: “You’ll never find a house that meets all your criteria that’s in your price range!” Reality: With a unique mix of vision and practicality, an almost telepathic understanding of what we were looking for and a keen knowledge of the market, Tracy found us a beautiful new home that fit within our budget. Thank you, Tracy!

Ellen Graham

We enthusiastically recommend Tracy Shaffer to anyone in need of real estate services. Our house received a near full-price offer within days of listing, during a slumping real estate market, in no small measure due to the energetic efforts of Tracy.

Brigitte Morris

I’ve worked with many real estate agent over the years and I consider Tracy to be one of the best. I highly recommend working with Tracy; she delivers on her promises and surpasses expectations.

Michael Martin, Real estate agent