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The Ultimate Christmas Gift? Time.

Still searching for the ultimate Christmas gift? Slow down. The holiday season can be a complex cocktail of mixed drinks and mixed emotions. Memories mingle with expectations, commerce batters our spirits as we try to forge a holiday to remember, or find a place to forget. Everything about this year has been different; Hanukah braided […]

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Pulling the Plug on Christmas

Last Christmas I did the shopping, the wrapping, the decorating, the tree cutting, light stringing, bulb hanging and pine needle sweeping all in that mythical land of “spare time”. I remember collapsing into the couch one evening with a glass of wine and a cup of resentment, ready to smash every Christmas CD and swearing […]

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2012 Palazzo Napa Valley Wines Cab Franc


An autumn past, a dear new friend sent me a Max Coots prayer/poem/chant for Thanksgiving. It has been his tradition for many years and now it is mine as well; a simple connection, a virtual whisper of thanks. I thought long and hard about posting it on my blog, as I usually send it as […]

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A Warm Welcome

The holidays are coming and along with them… house guests. If you’re like me, the shopping and cooking and cleaning miraculously manage to get done. Having a snappy home office leaves me without a proper guest room, but the sheets get changed, sleeping accommodations are made and everyone seems to be happy. I mean…they come […]

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