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Find suitable properties and first time buyer down payment assistance programs for home buyers in the Denver metro and surrounding areas.

Rent or Own? What’s your opinion?

This summer the real estate market feels like it’s at a stand-still. Stifled by negotiations over the debt ceiling, worries about the economy, unemployment, and all the pre-election spin, the market ain’t so hot this July. And yet, I have clients who are making the market work for them. As sellers move from the hopes […]

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Before Your Head Hits the ZILLOW: why your online estimate may be wrong.

As an actor, the most common question is “How do you memorize all those lines?” As a Realtor© it goes something like this… “How come your comps say my house is worth X when Zillow says Y? “ I’ll tell you why. Real estate websites have transformed the consumer experience when buying or selling, bringing […]

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