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A Denver Holiday Season Without the Kardashians

The Denver holiday season is upon us, a time when the darkest days lean toward the light, and heaven knows we need it. The past month tempts me to turn off the news, flop on the couch and Kurl up with the Kardashians but I’m craving a more fulfilling escape. Something sweet. Something magical. Something […]

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The Ultimate Christmas Gift? Time.

Still searching for the ultimate Christmas gift? Slow down. The holiday season can be a complex cocktail of mixed drinks and mixed emotions. Memories mingle with expectations, commerce batters our spirits as we try to forge a holiday to remember, or find a place to forget. Everything about this year has been different; Hanukah braided […]

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Pulling the Plug on Christmas

Last Christmas I did the shopping, the wrapping, the decorating, the tree cutting, light stringing, bulb hanging and pine needle sweeping all in that mythical land of “spare time”. I remember collapsing into the couch one evening with a glass of wine and a cup of resentment, ready to smash every Christmas CD and swearing […]

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