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Un-wife myself

After years of slow unraveling, my husband lost his mind and walked away from life, ours and his own. But that’s not the story here; that one will best be told on stage where the truths and dramas of real life belong. Like so many others, a 180° turn: full-time actress/director/playwright & part-time Realtor® to […]

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A good time for "Firsts"

There are always leaders and followers, those who take the leap first. We in the real estate industry, and the economic recovery itself, are being lead by a wave of first time home buyers who are critical in the jump start of our market. And with those firsts comes a wave that benefits all price […]

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trace time

Time, contrary to our illusions, cannot be managed. Just as thoughts cannot be controlled. They exist and can be given into or released. Multi-tasking REALTOR/Playwright/mother of sons, I experience the lack of time’s inability to let me impose my will on it daily, or should I say moment-by-moment? Time needs to be traced, like a […]

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